Learn How To Treat A Yeast Infection The Right Way

smart doctor treating a yeast infectionWhat are the best yeast infection treatments of 2014 and beyond? Hello ladies today’s article is all about yeast infection treatments.

Today I will go over all you need to know about treating and preventing yeast infections. Most women will have a yeast infection at least one time in there life.

So it’s very important to learn the best ways on how to prevent them in the first place, then we will get into the best yeast infection treatments.

Eating yogurt is a great way to prevent and stop a yeast infection from occurring. I know it sounds to good to be true, that is if you love yogurt like I do. Yogurt posses a yeast stopping type of bacteria that really helps in preventing a yeast overgrowth.

So I would try to eat some delicious yogurt everyday, especially if you get yeast infections often. Another great way of preventing a yeast infection is to make your male partner wear a condom. Sometimes the women passes yeast to men and men can pass yeast to you. So making your male partners wear a condom is another great way of preventing a yeast infection.

For yeast infection treatment the best way to approach this is to see a doctor. There are a lot of STI’s out there and sometimes you might think you have a yeast infection when in fact you have another kind of STI. Sometimes these other STI’s have very similar symptoms but they could be in fact a more serious type of STI. So booking a doctor’s appointment first is a great way to know for a fact that you have a yeast infection, as well as the good doctor can prescribe the best medication, usually a strong prescription tablet.

Tea tree oil is also another great remedy at reliving the suffering a yeast infection can cause. The way to apply this method is to douse your favorite tampon brand in tea tree oil and apply. It’s best to do this before bed and take out in the morning. There are plenty of women who swear to this method as they say it works wonders.

All tho some women claim that the didn’t get any relief at all. If you don’t get any relief using tea tree oil you can stop. Garlic is another great remedy, study’s show eating garlic is non effective but by applying it like the tea tree oil some women find great relief. Your local grocery store or drug store posses tons of creams that can help treat and prevent a yeast infection as well.

The Lower And Upper Ab Workout And Exercise Guide Of 2014

drawing of a guy working out his upper and lower absHow are all my great and awesome readers doing today. In this post I want to go over the top lower ab exercises for men of all time. As well as some of the upper ab exercises, but are main focus today is the lower ab region

Most people do not realize that there are different workouts for the different ab muscles, we like to call them the upper ab workouts and the lower ab workouts. I never really knew this until I started to get into my own ab workouts, so yes you need two different workouts, one for the upper and one for the lower.

Which really bummed me out cause I just wanted to do one and get great results. I don’t like the idea of having to do 100 different workouts and exercises to get the results I have always wanted, I am really lazy. So I decided to find the greatest lower ab workouts and exercises for men and women and that was it, just one for each. For my upper abs it wasn’t to hard of a decision, good old fashion sit ups or crunches. I decided to go with crunches because crunches workout the upper abs a lot better then situps.

Situps has had there day in the sun but in this day and age when we are all super busy there is no reason to waste any of our valuable time doing situps when crunches does the job faster and so much better. For crunches all you need to do is place your hands nice and gently on your chest, don’t put them behind your head. You want your back and ab muscles to do all the work. When you put your hands behind your head you are not only risking injury by moving up to fast you are also aiding yourself.

You do not want to that, you want your back and abs to do the heavy lifting. For crunches instead of going all the way down just go back down 60 to 80 percent and feel those abs burn. Remember to go nice and slow as well, going slow will greatly help you get a better workout then going fast. So keep that in mind, It’s odd the only real difference from crunches and situps is that you don’t go all the way back down to the floor. Crunches are one of the best ab workouts out there today, I just love them.

Now for the lower abs you can check out you tube for all the lower and upper ab workouts. But I choose to do bicycle crunches. This exercise does work extremely well but does not produce results as fast as crunches. For the good old bicycle crunch you need to lay your back on a nice straight comfortable floor and pretend you are riding a bike. Position your legs to were you feel your abs burn most. After a couple of weeks of doing these 2 great ab workouts you will see the results you seek. In the beginning do one day on and one day off, its a good idea to let your ab muscles rest, then as time goes by do 2 days on and one day off.

I would never suggest to keep going with out having any days off, all muscles need a good healthy rest.

Losing Weight Fast The Easiest Way Possible

the awesome atkins dietIn my first post to my amazing new health and fitness blog I want to talk about how to lose weight and work out your abs extremely fast by using the Atkins diet and smart thinking.

Yes like most people these days I myself have had a terrible time losing weight and getting those awesome abs, it can be very tough. Living in the states most of my adult life I have come to realize why most Americana’s are so overweight, its because they keep all there awesome fatty foods in a food storage so they never run out!. Or maybe its because there is a McDonald’s’ around every corner, well anyway growing up in Germany we didn’t have a shortage of food but yet we didn’t eat to much either.

Its not that the food was bad but it wasn’t so addicting that we would eat to much, we look forward to our meals but yet we had more appreciation for are food. Its hard to say in words but it felt like a sin if we ate to much. We could over eat if we wanted to but we waited for our meal times before we would eat anything, we never ate a snack or got up at night and raided the fridge. Maybe something to do with our parents and the war, it seemed that they looked at meals as a blessing and us children looked at it the same way they did.

And I think that is the case for people in Europe, plus fast fatty foods is not such a big thing in Europe as it is in America, well at least not yet but I think it is getting to that point soon. But once I moved to America when I was 22 that slowly started to change, There was delicious fatty foods around every corner, tons of fatty snacks at your finger tips. Over time I really started to gain weight, by the time I was 30 I was at least 30 to 40 pounds over weight and my abs were not looking good at all, I never wanted to take my shirt off, even while I was alone inside my own home.

My family and cousins back over seas could not believe how big I had gotten. Once my mom told me I was fat is when it really hit me, I knew I needed to lose weight and start working out my lower and upper abs again, besides I still wasn’t even married yet. I wasn’t unattractive but if the time came that I meat the right women I didn’t want her to be thrown off by me being so overweight. The first diet I cam across was the Atkins diet, it was very hard to stick to but I did pretty good and I was slowly losing the weight and getting my abs back in shape. But it was not fast enough, that’s when I knew I needed to start doing exercises and fitness programs together with my Atkins diet.

For some reason I loved the idea of fitness DVDs, I did not want to go outside and jog or go to the gym, I guess I was kind of shy when I was starting out. I heard great things about Jillian Michaels 30 day shred from you tube videos that show all the amazing before and after pictures of people who have had great success with her fitness and ab workouts. But I was not ready for what was in store, this workout is extremely tough and very hard to do.

I had no choice to start doing a fitness plan if I wanted to lose the weight fast. The first time I did the 30 day shred I went all out and thought I was going to die by a heart attack. So keep note of that, when first starting the 30 day shred or any other exercise go slow in the beginning and work your way up. It took me two months of dedicated hard work to get back down to my normal weight, and there is no doubt to me that it was a miracle. I don now why I was so determined to lose weight and get a good pack of rock hard solid abs, maybe when my mom saw me and barely recognized me as well as my cousins laughing at me gave me the determination I needed to succeed in my weight loss goals.

I guess family can play a big role in motivation. Ever since I lost the weight I have kept it off through smart eating and fitness DVDs. My next thing I want to work on is Jillian Michaels lower and upper ab exercises, I want to start working on getting a little buff, not to buff, but some nice firm muscles to make the lady’s feint when they see me at the beach with my awesome abs, o how I wish. But that’s all it took was motivation, good exercise plan and a good diet. I still do the Atkins diet but since I am down to my normal weight I enjoy a nice fatty cheeseburger every now and then and just love it, I just don’t over due it. And if I do I make sure I burn it off as fast as I can with hard core fitness training, it’s not hard to pop in a DVD and do a good workout.