The Lower And Upper Ab Workout And Exercise Guide Of 2014

drawing of a guy working out his upper and lower absHow are all my great and awesome readers doing today. In this post I want to go over the best ways to workout and exercise those upper and lower abs with tried and tested workouts. Most people do not realize that there are different workouts for the different ab muscles, we like to call them the upper ab workouts and the lower ab workouts. I never really knew this until I started to get into my own ab workouts, so yes you need two different workouts, one for the upper and one for the lower.

Which really bummed me out cause I just wanted to do one and get great results. I don’t like the idea of having to do 100 different workouts and exercises to get the results I have always wanted, I am really lazy. So I decided to find the greatest lower ab workouts and exercises for men and women and that was it, just one for each. For my upper abs it wasn’t to hard of a decision, good old fashion sit ups or crunches. I decided to go with crunches because crunches workout the upper abs a lot better then situps.

Situps has had there day in the sun but in this day and age when we are all super busy there is no reason to waste any of our valuable time doing situps when crunches does the job faster and so much better. For crunches all you need to do is place your hands nice and gently on your chest, don’t put them behind your head. You want your back and ab muscles to do all the work. When you put your hands behind your head you are not only risking injury by moving up to fast you are also aiding yourself.

You do not want to that, you want your back and abs to do the heavy lifting. For crunches instead of going all the way down just go back down 60 to 80 percent and feel those abs burn. Remember to go nice and slow as well, going slow will greatly help you get a better workout then going fast. So keep that in mind, It’s odd the only real difference from crunches and situps is that you don’t go all the way back down to the floor. Crunches are one of the best ab workouts out there today, I just love them.

Now for the lower abs you can check out Abc Beach Abs for all the lower and upper ab workouts. But I choose to do bicycle crunches. This exercise does work extremely well but does not produce results as fast as crunches. For the good old bicycle crunch you need to lay your back on a nice straight comfortable floor and pretend you are riding a bike. Position your legs to were you feel your abs burn most. After a couple of weeks of doing these 2 great ab workouts you will see the results you seek. In the beginning do one day on and one day off, its a good idea to let your ab muscles rest, then as time goes by do 2 days on and one day off.

I would never suggest to keep going with out having any days off, all muscles need a good healthy rest.

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